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Socialite, actress, model and CEO Debie Kagisha spills it all about her life

Debie Kagisha is a Ugandan model, actress and socialite. She was born in 1994 by Kagisha Margret. Showbiz Uganda tracked her down for an exclusive interview about her life. Read on…

SU: Tell us who is Debie Kagisha?

Debie: Debie Kagisha is a model, socialite, actress and CEO of Debie Divaz Collection who also has a huge sense of fashion. And she’s very ambitious.

Debie in one of her modeling poses

Debie in one of her modeling poses

SU: When did you join fashion and modeling?

Debie: I joined fashion and modeling in 2013 with Crystal Modeling agency as an editorial and commercial model.

SU: How do you find modeling?

Debie: The Modeling industry here is still down. Like it’s hard for someone to make a living out of Modeling. It’s not even hard, it’s impossible. Models are paid peanut money or nothing most especially when it comes to runway modeling. Anyways it’s better to do it out of passion. All in all i find modeling interesting because of the passion i have for it.

Debie is a socialite, model, actress and fashion designer

Debie is a socialite, model, actress and fashion designer

And there is a lot of competition nowadays due to the increased number of models and agencies. In other words i find modeling interesting and competitive at the same time.

SU: You said you are actress too, tell us more?

Debie: Ummmh, i have featured in a number of Uganda movies and these include Dead End, The Route. I also got a chance to feature in a TV series called The Kemigisha’s on Urban Tv, I featured in a stage play “Macbeth”.

SU: Where can one find Debie Divaz fashion and what kind of stuff do you sell there?

Debie: Debie Divaz is located at Mini Village Kabalagala shop 18. I deal in ladies clothing, shoes, bags and jewelry. [adrotate banner=”3″]

SU: What do you do in your free time?

Debie: I either chill home and call up my girlfriends for a drink up or go swimming.

Debie KagIsha looking sexy

Debie Kagisha looking sexy

SU: Tell us about love life?

Debie: Wooow..Well… am seeing someone. Someone really special to me and we are engaged.

SU: And his name?

Debie: Hahahaha…. You can’t be doing this to me. It’s not the right time. I can’t say his name because he is a prominent person and wouldn’t want the tabloids to be all over this.

SU: Who inspired you into modeling?

Debie: Naomi Campbell inspires me, i love how she connects with the camera, she does it effortlessly, and i love the Diva she is. Watching her do her thing, i was like that’s what i wanna be.

Her childhood dream was to become a lawyer but it died off

Her childhood dream was to become a lawyer but it died off

SU: What’s your favourite dish?

Debie: My favorite dish is Pilawo, peas and greens

SU: Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Debie: In the next five years, i want to be owning my own brand with more clothing stores in and outside the country.

SU: What was your childhood dream?

Debie: My childhood dream was to be a Lawyer, things changed and i don’t regret it.

SU: What do you love in your dream man? Debie: Caring and understanding with a sense of humor. I already got him (dream man).

Debie Kagisha owns Debie Divaz Fashion located in Kabalagala

Debie Kagisha owns Debie Divaz Fashion located in Kabalagala

SU: What are five things that you can live without?

Debie: There are no things i can live without, everything surrounded by me is important

SU: What’s your favourite sporting game and team?

Debie: Am not really a sports person.

SU: What message do you have for young aspiring models? Debie: As for the Aspiring models, they should follow their dreams, work hard to make sure they get there. Nothing should stop them.

SU: How do you see off men who approach you?

Debie: The kind of approach says everything; off men have their own kind of approach.

SU: What’s your dream holiday destination, favourite drink and hangout?

Debie: My dream holiday destination is Bahamas. My favourite drink am a wine person that is Four cousins Red Wine and my favorite hangout is my home.

SU: Who is your celebrity crush?

Debie: The Weekend

SU: What has been your best moment in modeling, fashion and acting?

Debie: Becoming the Face of Ganda hair fashion and Starting Debie Divaz Collection, featuring in a TV series. It was a dream come true.

Debie was inspired by supermodel Naomi Campbell

Debie was inspired by supermodel Naomi Campbell

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