SK Mbuga’s message of success

Tycoon SK Mbuga has delivered message of success saying working hard and determination can deliver someone to success. Posting on his social media, the tycoon had this to say;

SK Mbuga checking out his latest construction

SK Mbuga checking out his latest construction

“Believe you can and you are halfway there.” Why is the first step . . . “Believing in ourselves” so difficult? Setting our sites on a goal is certainly secondary to the first step… Believing in ourselves. Can you picture yourself achieving your goal? What is holding you back? Fear? Failure thoughts? Too much work? Place your mind ‘s eye on the goal, support yourself with encouraging self talk, determine to stay the course, make adjustments and pursue your goal. To grasp and embrace the thought that we have what it takes to work and stick to our commitment is the bedrock to success. Build your bedrock now. Believe you can!”. SK Mbuga posted.

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