SK Mbuga warns general public of Facebook conman using his name

Construction tycoon Sulaiman Mbuga Kabangala aka SK Mbuga has warned the general public of con men trying to use his name to defraud people of their money. The warming comes after his Dubai trip which lasted for 4 days where he met some of his friends for a light moment ONLY. The tycoon told this website that the person he gave numbers of some of his Facebook friends has continued to con and cheat them using his name.

SK Mbuga has warned of fraudsters using his name on Facebook to con his friends
SK Mbuga has warned of fraudsters using his name on Facebook to con his friends

He has warned the general public that he has since left Dubai for Kampala and he is not seeking for any help in monetary or other forms from his Facebook friends. Below is official statement from the tycoon;


“I wish to make myself clear in regard to whatever that transpired during my transnational tour that lasted for almost 4 weeks.

It so happened that I briefly stopped at UAE- Dubai where I had a light moment with my Facebook friends before setting off to Uganda. As protocol demands, I had to employ someone well versed with the Directions of where i was and I gave out his Telephone numbers for my Facebook friends to contact him SOLELY FOR DIRECTIONS. It’s to my dismay that even when I left Dubai, that same person is still using my name to extort people in several ways.

THIS IS therefore to let the general Public know that I never intended to create any kind of long time relationship with anyone while in Dubai and my invitation was just to have a light company with my Facebook friends wasn’t intended for future opportunities.

Let no one be cheated or hoodwinked into believing that there was much more than the light moment we had while in Dubai. Let’s stay cool and connected,” SK Mbuga.

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