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SK Mbuga, Jack Pemba plot for more business deals

City loaded tycoons Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga aka SK Mbuga and fellow money lord Jack Pemba have been pictured today having discussion over new business deals.

Jack Pemba and SK Mbuga

The two were seen in Munyonyo today plotting for more ways of making money. We are yet to know what the outcome of the meeting was but once we find out, we shall let you know.
Meanwhile SK Mbuga has said because of who you are, there will always be forces gathering against you. “Not everyone is happy about your success so mind about what kind of people you deal with,” SK Mbuga said.

SK Mbuga

“Because of who you are there will always be forces gathering against you…preparing, waiting, looking for a weakness in you. Disguised as a friend. Slipping past you as a stranger. They are everywhere. You must always be aware of their presence, because they are aware of you. They study your very move, looking for what you reveal to them. In this way, you are your own worst enemy. And this is why I tolerate no question from them because doubt leads to failure,” SK Mbuga posted.

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