SK Mbuga Is My Man – Leila Kayondo

Sexy singer Leila Kayondo has come out publically for the first time to reveal that SK Mbuga is indeed her true love.

In total love; SK Mbuga and Leila Kayondo

In total love; SK Mbuga and Leila Kayondo

The singer has been living in the world of denial telling the public that Mbuga is just a close friend but she has finally accepted her fate. While appearing on Kansanga based Galaxy FM last week, the ‘Awo’ singer said, “SK Mbuga is my man and I did not steal him from anyone like rumours and claims going around have been saying”,.Leila KayondoLeila Kayondo

Ever since Mbuga came into Leila’s life, she has totally changed and lives like a super star.

The showy but humble tycoon has opened for her a fashion house at King’s Gate Mall, Kabalagala called L_Kay Kollection and he has went on to sponsor her music as well as buying posh rides. This has boomed her music career and she is now regarded as one of the best female singers in the land.

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