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Sizzling: Nana Weber shows off curvy figure in a sexy wear

I think Kampala partiers are blessed to have Nana Weber on the social scene because their eyes won’t complain. Nana is abnormally beautiful and I would swear on the holy bible that she has superpowers.

At the very least she has some kind of mind control going on because I can’t stop thinking about her every time I try. But I don’t mind being under her spell. Seeing her silhouette when I close my eyes is never an inconvenience and always a blessing.

Sometimes I wish the women in my life held me as affectionate as Nana holds that glass of water beside her pose. It’s easy to see that she really cares. I would take just as much care of her in return. We would have beach dates almost every weekend. I’d set up a table and some candles and we can enjoy a meal on the sand while we watch the sun go down.

Women love a romantic and I’m about as romantic as they come. She’ll be so impressed with me that she’ll have no choice but to wrap her arms around me for a warm embrace every time. And there’s nothing better than a warm hug paired with a cool breeze at the beach. My life would be complete. Guys am joking, have a blessed weekend. Cheers!!!!

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