Shs 1m per month for teachers as promised by Besigye is untenable- Frank Tumwebaze

The Minister for Presidency Frank Tumwebaze has said Besigye’s promise to pay teachers Shs 1m per month is unsustainable.

Frank Tumwebaze said Besigye's promise of Shs 1m per month teachers is untenable

Frank Tumwebaze said Besigye’s promise of Shs 1m per month teachers is untenable

The minster posted on his wall as follows; Its good for Dr Besigye to pledge shs 1m per month for a primary teacher. And with the current numbers of about 130,000 government enrolled teachers, shs 1m per month per teacher translates to shs 130billion per month and 1.6trillion per year. While this would be a good dream for the teachers, the question here is; how will Besigye finance sustainably that huge recurrent expenditure without causing adverse effects to the economy? Will he order job cuts? Will he not pay and increase salaries of other equally deserving civil servants (doctors, nurses, police, army etc) some of whom earn much less than a primary teacher?

Kizza Besigye

Kizza Besigye said if elected as the president he will pay teachers 1m per month

Or will Besigye quadruple the current tax rates so as to raise the required revenues? If this becomes his strategy, still the anticipated income won’t be realized since business outfits will no longer be profitable because of the prohibitive tax rates and will close shop. Either way, his promise becomes untenable.


  1. So Besigye promised to pay 1.000.000/= starting salary for secondary
    school teachers! Critics said this is beyond impossibility. I for one I
    waited for clear statistical explanations from the FDC camp and I think
    with this, I am beginning to believe that salary strategy.

    .. We shall pay 650,000/= starting salary for primary school teachers,
    policemen and soldiers. 1,000,000 is a starting salary for secondary
    school teachers and 3.5 million is starting salary for Doctors. Also the threshold for PAYE is 500,000shs.

    Ugandans pay 79 Ministers and state ministers.
    – 387 Members of Parliament.
    – 278 political appointees inculding 80 RDCs and commissioners,
    – 75 presidential advisers and their assistants,
    – 43 Private presidential secretaries and their deputies among others.
    – 45000 local councils 5500 parishes,1026 subcounties 151 Counties 18 Municipalities 80 Districts
    All these have a 9 man executive membership. Councillors not included.

    In state House alone personnel as of 2014 report shows that they
    earned 96.6 million shs per month which is
    1,000,000,000+152.000.000(1.152bn) Every presidential advisor pockets
    908 million per annum And his deputy same amount. This means that one
    presidential advisor and his deputy can pay 378 primary
    teachers(200.000/month teachers salary)
    Private presidential
    secretary and his deputy pocket 7.500.000.000 7.5bn can sponsor 2077
    primary schools with 800 pupils each can purchase drugs for 890
    hospitals,or even build 935 classrooms,or pay 37500 primary school
    Mps altogether earn In 2006/07
    government expenditure on Ministers’ allowances was to the total of Every Mp was granted more than 41,000 to buy a car and
    free iPads to an estimated total cost of 3700. 2013 dollar rate was
    2700(370.000*27 00=999000.000.000)

    MP Basic salary=15.000.000
    Subsistence allowance 4.500.000 Constituency allowance depends on
    mileage calculated as cost of liter of fuel multiplied by kms to
    constituency. Consider around Kampala one gets 3.800.000 Extra
    constituency mileage is 2.500.000 Town running is 1000.000 Mobilisation
    for exofficio members is 5.400.000 Medical on average is 200.000
    Gratuity is 3.500.000 Ex officio members pocket 1.550.000 paid by public
    service+2000.000 per quarter as responsibility allowance +100.000
    airtime allowance+allow ances for travelling abroad and field work.

    so, with the reduction of govt stupid extravagant expenditures,
    salaries of govt key staffs like teachers, Doctors etc can be met.

    Let me read for a counter-defensive explanations by the NRM camp!😅 am
    loving the campaigns so far and looking forward to vote the best

    1. Wooooow!!!!
      Thank you Ssebo!
      You have illuminated our minds.
      May be Mr Frank Tumwebaze is not aware of these Kyibalo!

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