Shocking!! Ugandan Man tells of how he was gang raped by Four Women

Shocking!! Ugandan Man tells of how he was gang raped by Four Women

The Ugandan Wire 

A Ugandan student, only identified as Danny Bobo, has used the social media platform Twitter to come out about a horrifying experience of gang rape at the hands of four girls – some of whom, he considered friends.

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A student at Nakawa based Makerere University Business School (MUBS), the victim was taken out of a night club by his harrassers under the false impression of providing him refugee so that he doesn’t go home “wasted.”

“Guys I’ve not been in a proper mental state, some hoe fucked me up.” Mr Bobo began her story in a Twitter thread, available on the platform.

He faults the horrifying experience for taking him into a mental health state of depression and clarifies that it happened just months ago – not even a year past.

Danny Bobo

He also noted that it took him alot of courage to come out about it but hell, that step is considered the very first to get over something that is holding you down.

According to his story, his female friend, whom he refused to disclose (at least not yet) convinced him to go over to her place for the night because “it would be bad for his parents to see him in a wasted state.” His pleas otherwise, fell on deaf ears even when he insisted that his relatives knew he was drinking.

“So we reached her hostel. I don’t even remember how much she paid the askari (to bribe him for a sleep over by a non-resident) or the journey to her room. I was wasted and on the verge of closing, I could no longer comprehend, I (only) remember reaching the room and taking off my fanny pack.” Bobo narrated.

He says sharing a bed with her with easy because they were all mature and friends and he believed none of them had any sexual intentions towards the other, but alas! He says he immediately went to sleep when he reached and was only awoken by loud noises from the bathroom, where upon checking, were four girls.

They, according to him, were smoking joints in the bathroom and they asked him to join in, something he first protested. But with continued requests, he later joined in and smoked with them.

“But a few puffs into the joint, I was back to a crazy height worse than when I had arrived to Ideal (Hostel). I stopped understanding. [The next time] I woke up, I was naked, my dick (penis) was hurting and on fire because of friction, it was a bit swollen. I was dead ass confused and traumatized I didn’t know who to go to I just bottled it up and went into a depression.” Bobo further narrated.

His efforts to comfront his abuser were unsuccessful because according to her (the abuser), “no one would believe a drug abuser.” And that if anything, they’d say he is the one who raped her.

The online community has come in to stand with him and called upon authorities to help him find justice. They are using the hashtag #istandwithbobo

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