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Shining Star of African Entrepreneurial Industry: A successful Tale of true son of Kampala, Uganda

What you need to know about Katsha De’bank

I was wondering why our people look towards other side of ocean for role models and heroes when our land is full of lionheart in every sphere of life.

A shining star has emerged on the horizon of African entrepreneurial industry whose success stories have rocked the whole African continent. A humble soul who is not only a true enitrepenuere but also an institution in himself. I believe , you have already successfully guessed whom i am going to introduce to my readers today. He is no other than Shafique Katumba alias Katsha De’bank who has been termed as the son of Kampala, Uganda due to his massive business success at such a young age.

Last Saturday, i got an opportunity to cover the function of a local college where he appeared to deliver a motivational talk to the youngsters who were eager to hear about his success story. He discussed at length about his philosophy of life. He termed life as an interesting opportunity to create a difference in the lives of people around you. He narrated his own story of starting his entrepreneurship during his school days when he did a business venture of hiring movies for student viewing. Though people laughed at him and tried to discourage him but this experience changed his whole life altogether and helped him reaching where he is now: a founder of number of successful businesses with net worth of $ 18.8 million.

He told the audience that the secret of success is not in some magical shortcuts but it requires determination to face the real world and start real business with real products and services for the people around you. He agreed that it is not an easy path to follow as it requires investment of resources and precious time. According to Mr. De’bank, we need to love what we do. He further told the young students that one thing which they require is determination and one needs to start from somewhere as they are not going to get the opportunities out of thin air.

Mr. De’bank narrated his own story of building a massive business from scratch. He termed it “ Katsha De’bank Way of doing things”. His determination, consistency and adaptability help him changed his life altogether. The result of his hard work is self explanatory and self evident as he has founded number of companies from real state to financial services.

He was asked by the administration of the college to give some business advice to the students. He replied simply “Love what you do”. He further added that your love for what you do will create an aura which will become a beacon of your success and this reputation of hard work will travel faster than light. He finished his talk with one last piece of advice of “ Start Today” as according to Mr. De’bank, time and tide wait for none, so start today and get the fruit tomorrow as you can’t afford to sit around waiting for someone to give you an opportunity.

After listening to such a thought provoking and wonderful talk, i was convinced that he was truly attributed as “Warren Buffet of Uganda.

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