Shine the light where you should, Lambert tells Bobi Wine

Shine the light where you should, Lambert tells Bobi Wine

The activist of Africa’s first economic war, Mr. Charles N. Lambert has advised People Power’s Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine to shine the light where he should and avoid getting involved in activities beyond his level.

Charles Lambert has over time insisted and publicly endorsed President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as God sent and Africa’s greatest leader who has made Uganda a shining black nation.

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Below is Lambert’s full letter to Bobi Wine;

“My dearly beloved brother, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, my name is Charles N. Lambert and I am a Ugandan based social entrepreneur with proven commitment in Uganda towards job creation, poverty alleviation and increased standard of living for Ugandans and Africans in general. Just like you, I have been fought by all those same forces of darkness which you talk about.

A picture displaying Charles Lambert influence on Ugandan youth

I have suffered consequences of doing good, arrested and detained for no single reason till date, scandalized and brutalized for trying to love my fellow Africans in Uganda yet I know the problem is not with President Museveni, hence I shine the light where I should at corrupt, egocentric, arrogant and high minded heads of agencies and ministries.

I am an admirer of your story, your rise from obscurity, your devotion to your talent and your ambitions and belief in your abilities.

I also share your positions on various societal ills especially youth idleness and gross unemployment. Right in your proud Ghetto-Kamwokya, I single handedly led a movement that built the largest call center in Africa at your back yard creating 5,000 jobs and this wonderful call center was collapsed through constant orchestrated attacks from various government agencies but you never said a word and 5,000 jobs were lost in your backyard Bobi.

I became intricately connected to you from the very minute I invested over 3 billion shillings and countless personal energy and time in your beloved ghetto creating 5,000 first class call center jobs for your people, your community and your kindred.

I am however writing you this open letter as an opportunity to educate all your followers in areas where you might be emotionally misleading people. Bobi, a lot of those words you speak about freedom is such a far cry from the reality on ground in Uganda. Uganda is by far the freest society in all of Africa. There is no place anywhere in the developing world that has the combination of Freedom and Security such as Uganda. It sounds to me that maybe you were born in a wrong era, maybe you should have been born in times of colonial oppression. You crave to fight this oppressor but there is actually none. No one is oppressing Ugandans AT ALL. In fact, if there is anything such as too much freedom, this country is the picture of that. Brother, please shine the light where you should.
You also talk so much about unemployment to the point I begin to wonder if you truly understand how job creation works. The private sector is the number one catalyst for job creation Not the government my dear brother. Lack of jobs simply means lack of production activities by people living in Uganda yet they have power, water, security, road and peace to do anything they want and create jobs. How do we talk about job creation and point all the blames on the wrong person. I am sure you wouldn’t even want to be held responsible for the action of your child in school let alone the inaction of over 40 million people. Brother, please shine the light where you should.

You are a member of parliament; your colleagues are the administrators and custodians of most apparatus of government. Your colleagues are the embezzlers, the corrupt, the looters, the oppressors of the masses YET you have never called them out. You have never set your pressure group to check mate the activities of these your colleagues you see every day but instead you choose to insult, degrade, abuse, and stain the priceless legacy of my hero, my idol, my inspiration, and my father.

One of the two buildings that housed the 5,000 capacity call center

Well, while it is obvious to me that you have only decided to take this direction as a way to score political points and buy sympathy, it is something I am NOT willing to tolerate and I am asking you as a brother to kindly tone down the Rhetoric or you will realize that those who are for Museveni, are more lethal than anything you or those encouraging you can muster. The foundation for you to become anything you may wish is respect and without respect, you don’t deserve to ever be the leader of the thousands of youth I myself lead in Uganda and I will surely be sending them to teach your people the value called Respect.

Please brother, shine the light where you should.

Africa and the entire black race Needs Uganda as created by Museveni (Not the one of 1962 created by the British).

Your brother in every ramification of the word.

Charles N. Lambert

Leader, Africa’s First Economic War.

Chairman, DC

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