Sheraton Kampala Hotel introduces best massage in town

Sheraton Kampala Hotel introduces best massage in town

Have you imagined your body massaged with herbs and oils or an indigenous massage oil made from herbs you are familiar with? It’s no longer an imagination or a wish, Sheraton Kampala hotel has introduced a massage that uses only herbs and oils extracted from indigenous ingredients to relax and soothe you and keep you healthy and youthful.

“The new massage is a representation of what we stand for at Sheraton Kampala Hotel. We are dedicated to satisfying our customers with everything we do and the new massage we have introduced is a clear representation of this.

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The new Ugandan massage is just one of the many exotic massage treatments we have at our fitness center but not to forget other products that we have pioneered in other outlets like ‘Paired’ which is served at our Equator bar and Park Square Cafe.  We are aware that our customers work hard and therefore require a great product range that will help provide the much needed R&R, delicious meal and a fantastic ambiance to relax and rejuvenate themselves.” Said the Public Relations Manager Ms Jacqueline Nalubega.


The new massage was officially launched two months ago and it’s one of the biggest hits at the Sheraton fitness Center – which has a vast range of facilities like Gym, Swimming pool & sauna, Tennis & Squash to help you relax the body and mind.

There are many reasons why people go for massage such as the medical benefits associated with relaxation and the healing properties of the various ingredients, it’s also a great time to socialize and catch up with friends or just to relax and relieve oneself the stress from work. Research indicated that massages help re-condition the body and mind which results in a boost of one’s immunity and general well being.

The other amazing thing about the Ugandan massage is its affordability and the splendid experience.

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