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Sheilah Gashumba roasts Yellow Haven Lodge management, accuses them of racism

Socialite Sheilah Gashumba has accused management of Yellow Haven Lodge Bunga of racism after she denied access with her boyfriend God’s Plan real name Marcus.
Sheilah said she had booked on Friday only to reach and be told she can’t use the facility.  Furious Sheilah exchanged with the management before exposing them on her social media pages.
“Can someone please tag the internal affairs minister please!!
Ps: I will post the private message she sent me and claimed that ‘Arthur was making a reservation for june’  yet it’s very clear in the video I posted that we were making a reservation for yesterday and even mentioned that we will be there in 20mins!!!
She claims she has been in Uganda for 25 years so I’m wondering does 25 years mean that she has to practice racism in Uganda, I have literally been to most Restuarant that both owned by both Ugandans and non Ugandans and I have never experience what I experienced yesterday!! If all the Non Ugandans were doing the same, where would some of us eat, drink or sleep ( apartments, Hotel’s) etc
Loool!! Such a pathetic liar!!! So doesn’t that make her racist? What does that make her.
You can go on their Facebook page and see the past reviews, white people good reviews and Ugandans have bad reviews about the place.
The ordinary Ugandan will be treated in any manner and keep quiet, I will not be in this category, when the lady treated us in an ill manner, we only looked at her and walked to the car and left but I knew where to get her and it was here on Facebook.
Let’s keep sharing the story to stop this kind of mannerism. I should be the last Ugandan to be disrespected at Yellow Haven Lodge. If they can’t fairly serve Ugandans like they serve the rest of the people!! Let them close their business or make it clearly that it’s only for non Ugandans but then again, that’s not accepted
Ps: I’m sorry I had to post videos of the workers but if I hadn’t, I know most of you would claim I’m lieing or I was rude or come up with some sort of comments like some of you usually do!! I needed to make my point very clear and if any worker gets fired or has a problem coming from the above issue. Inbox me, I working on many projects and we are willing to employ you than you working for people that don’t respect your nationality,” Sheilah posted.

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