Sheema leaders called upon to cooperate in the wake of COVID-19 global pandemic

Sheema District LC5 chairman Mr. David Kabigumira has called on Sheema district leaders that it’s now or never as Coronavirus (COVID-19) rock the world.

Uganda has now confirmed 9 cases of the deadly virus which started in Wahun, China.

The LC5 chair boss said Corona Virus is real on ground with many coming in Sheema from neighbouring countries and keeping silent in their homes.

He said Regional Serveilence team is supposed to came and pick samples to Regional Centre in Mbarara for testing & confirming.


Mr. Kabigumira said the district Serveilence team need to engage the ground. He said the Technical team has no facilitation from MOH which is making it hard to pick samples and take the victims to isolation centre in Mbarara.

He said the local solution is that each Member of Parliament (MPs) need to raise 2m as emergency fund if they are to curb this crisis.

He said Leading team includes District chairperson, Mayor, CAO, RDC, DPC & DHO and this should be immediate.

He thanked Hon. Naome Kibaaju (Sheema North MP) who has already connected to his office to supply washing facilities and Soap to all Trading Centres in her Constituency.

“Updates will be communicated to you,” Kabigumira said.

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