Sheebah Karungi thrills Campusers At Club Amnesia

Sheebah Karungi thrills Campusers At Club Amnesia

Club Amnesia treated campusers to another exceptional campus night hosted by diva Sheebah Karungi.

The campusers turned up in large numbers to witness and enjoy performances from one of the best artistes of their generation.

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The self proclaimed Queen Karma arrived at the premises at around 1:00 pm amidst wild cheers and stepped on stage at about 2:00 AM donned in a stripped white and black costume that left many of the male campusers excited.

Sheebah performed most of her songs including “tunywe”, “Beera nange”, “mummy yo” and many more.

She performed for almost an hour before exiting the venue leaving the campusers enjoying non-stop entertainment from Galaxy Fm deejays like Nimrod, Herbert, Switch and Denno.

Our snoops managed to capture some of the magical moments, take a glimpse.

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