Shartsi K. Musherure’s bid to represent Mawogola North takes off

Shartsi K. Musherure’s bid to represent Mawogola North takes off

Musherure calls for leadership that unites people for development

Sembabule; Over the coming months, Shartsi K. Musherure will devote all her time engaging with her constituents on what to expect of their leaders and how to hold them accountable. This follows her Friday 16thOctober 2020 nomination for Mawogola North Member of Parliament as an independent candidate.

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Shartsi K. Musherure now
formally embarks on her campaign that is premised on leadership that:

Is accountable to the people
Is committed to service above self
And unites the people towards development  

What the people of Mawogola North need now, more than ever, is leaders not politicians. Great leaders set aside their personal interests and focus on how to collectively work with others towards a common good for the benefit of the people. This is the kind of leadership I would like to offer people of Mawogola North,” said Ms. Musherure.

The nomination
comes on the heels of a September petition lodged with the NRM party tribunal.  In her petition Ms. Musherure outlined numerous and shocking acts of violence, voter intimidation and massive importation of non-Sembabule residents for the purpose of voting. The petition also highlighted the unilateral decision taken by some members of the NRM electoral commission contrary to the established and agreed upon voting guidelines.

According to Ms. Musherure, the environment created in the party primaries could not be classified as either free or fair; as such the results as declared on the 30th of September 2020 lacked legitimacy and were not representative of the will of the people of Mawogola North.

“I am pleased that following a thorough review of the evidence presented the tribunal found that my petition was “persuasive” and “successful”. That the Central Executive Committee (CEC), chaired by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, subsequently decided to withdraw a declaration of Mr. Godfrey Aine as NRM flagbearer for the MP seat of Mawogola North is proof that the NRM party holds true to its ideals of democracy and patriotismand chooses the principles of fairness over political expediency,” Ms. Musherure said.

“As I formally start my campaigns on individual merit, I would like to emphasise that I remain a member of the NRM party, devoted to its principles of patriotism, democracy, social economic transformation, Pan-Africanism and national unity,” Musherure added.

Shartsi Musherure reiterates her unwavering
support for the NRM party chairman President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and commits to actively campaigning for his re-election and all other NRM flag bearers in the upcoming 2021-2026 National Elections.  

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