Sharon O Bashes Haters In New Song

Obsessions Sharon O has released a new song bashing her haters who like gossiping a lot. The song titled ‘Balekane (Let them shout)’ was released earlier this week and it talks about people who shout a lot.Sharon OReleased new track: Sharon O

Sharon said, “It’s basically about people who talk a lot of nonsense yet they hardly know what your life is all about especially we who are in the lime light. Let them shout but when they get to know the real truth, they will be ashamed”, Obaleka Nebalekana Balekane…..Bwebwogela Baliyegana……….goes the chorus.

Andy of Buddiez Studio produced the song. The former Big Brother Africa Amplified star said the song’s video is set next week.

Meawhile she has denied media reports that MC Kats has signed her under his label ‘I Love Music’. “I am not signed under MC Kats, he is just my promoter”, Sharon O told Showbiz Uganda.

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