Shantal Ruby’s hot pant tease for her Facebook friends

Socialite Shantal Ruby is fully ingratiated to the sextastic is where the money is in modern hot pants body show. Nobody gets to the top of the charts without first flashing their skin credentials and creating a vital, alluring, and passion inducing visual portfolio.

Ruby showing off her stuff in hot pant

Ruby showing off her stuff in hot pant

Ruby doesn’t leave home now without a full on spectacle of her sweet female form represented heavily by her heaving bosom in various exhibitionist states. [adrotate banner=”3″]

Today she decided to tease her fans with hot body display in hot pant and you could probably draw a perfect silhouette of the curves of her body with your eyes closed.

She’s got that exotic bleached blonde sex pot thing working overtime, double time, and right about the time I lock myself in the bathroom each evening for private and profound deep thought time. Ruby, you make my world turn that much faster. 

“I do not have to impress you, you are not my mother. Have a great week wamma sweethearts,” she posted. Enjoy.

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