Shaniz Kartel released from Dubai jail

Shaniz Kartel released from Dubai jail

Socialite and big spender Shaniz Kartel has regained her freedom after she was released and cleared of drug trafficking in Dubai.

Kartel who had made her name on the Ugandan social circles as a big spender was arrested last month in Dubai after drugs were found in her luggage.

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The customs inspectors found 4kg of khat in her friend’s bag and 554 grams of marijuana but Shaniz denied the knowledge of the drug saying the luggage was for a friend. “I was just given the luggage to take to a friend so I wasn’t aware of such drugs,” She told Police.

She has now been released from Dubai jail and sources say police have realized she wasn’t aware of the drugs in her luggage.

“It’s a Miracle, i have got back my freedom,” Shaniz posted on her wall after release.

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