Serinya Water 4 All project launched

Serinya Water 4 All project launched

Life Help Outreach yesterday put a smile on the faces of people of Serinya Village in Bukomansimbi district when they launched a new water project.

Life Help Outreach is an NGO based in Uganda and in partnership with A Project By Water 4 All, the charity Division of Atlas Copco Belgium launched a water project that will help the community get access to safe and clean water. The team from Atlas Copco who are the funders of the project witnessed the launch.

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Locals expressed their happiness and hope about the project. The Atlas Copco team also visited schools where most of the children are under care of Life Help Outreach.

Life Help Outreach is a not-for-profit, non-denominational, registered private voluntary association that provides therapeutic and educational services to children and women regardless of their socio-economic status or geographical location in Uganda.

With an aim of extending God’s love to our neighbors, it also focuses on listening, comforting, and protecting the rights of children and women. Although we have tried to develop policies to protect the rights and lives of women and children, more policies are required to promote strategies including: informing/teaching, provision of shelter and clothing to both women and children, domestic work, caring for their health problems, building women and children spiritually.

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