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Self proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s daughter dead

The eight-year-old daughter of self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Israella Bushiri, is dead.

Israella suffered a lung infection a while back and has been in and out of the hospital, mostly seeking professional treatment in Kenya.

“As a father it was my desire to see her grow and serve the Lord, however, the will of God was for her to return back to Him,” he wrote.
In a long post on his Facebook page, Bushiri eulogised Israella as a strong young girl who loved to worship and serve God despite her young age.

“She was a walking angel. In our darkest moments she gave us light and in our lowest moments, she lifted our spirits. I am grateful to God to have fathered an angel of such spirit and beauty. She will always be my little girl.,” he expressed.
The prophet took a trip down memory lane to how Israella was born during a time the couple was going through persecution.

According to him, the young girl came at a time when they really needed her as she offered not only the family but the entire church great comfort and enlightenment.

“If things could be reversed we would have desired it to be so. However, the will of the Lord is above our desires. We have experienced it and have accepted it,” he wrote.
The mourning father decried the fact that the Malawian government stood in their way of seeking treatment for his daughter in Kenya when she really needed it.

He added that the doctor’s report shows Israella would have survived if she had not been blocked at the airport from the initial time the family wanted to fly her out.

“It is very disheartening and sad, therefore, that my daughter has become a victim of the persecutions that we are facing from South Africa,” he lamented.
According to the family spokesperson Ephraim Nyondo, Malawian authorities offered no explanation on why they denied the family the right to travel.

They were allowed to travel not long after.

Bushiri, who runs Enlightened Christian Gathering church is expected in a court next week to face an extradition case.

He is accused of money laundering, theft and fraud alongside Landiwe Ntlokwana, Willah Mudolo and his wife Zethu.

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