Seguya ‘bribes’ Public Service Commission to retain his coveted job

Seguya ‘bribes’ Public Service Commission to retain his coveted job

Latest info reaching our desk has it that Dr. Andrew Ggunga Seguya, Executive Director of Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is influencing Public Service Commission to retain his coveted job.

An insider who preferred anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter alleges that the man at UWA has released ‘UGX 21 million’ towards facilitating Public Service Commission to conduct interviews for the ED job.

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It is not clear if there was Board approval and this tantamount to conflict of interest and trying to manipulate and compromise the Service Commission since he is part of candidates vying for the top position at UWA again.

Andrew Seguya is fighting hard to keep his job

Sources say names were shortlisted and interviews are due on 30th January 2018 which is next week.

The game that will destroy Uganda’s gem. The process of recruiting the executive director of UWA has become a game. First, on expiry of Seguya’s contract in November 2017, the board was induced and recommended renewal through the Minister of State to the senior minister, however, sensing danger considering the scandalous history of Seguya’s performance, such as; loss of ivory, that led to the ordering of his arrest and investigation, by His Excellency, the senior minister ordered for the advertising of the job and appointing Seguya in acting capacity as if there were no other officers in UWA to act as Executive Director as he re-applies.

However, the drafting of the job description, and the advert were tailored to the CV of Seguya.

Then the office of the acting ED, ironically held by Seguya, was to finance the public service commission in conducting interviews. Shamelessly, an MOU was drafted between UWA and public service commission for accountability purposes. What a farce!

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The impacts of all these frauds is that we are seeing emphasis on technicalities such as the age brackets, designed to block out the competent and qualified candidates in the process instead of skills and competencies. Sham interviews are being conducted based on these technicalities. This has become a game in which Seguya is the lead player, using government funds, to bribe his way through.


This is a dangerous game as far as Uganda’s wildlife is concerned. The protected areas continue to be chocked on invasive plants. Animal numbers are dwindling as their habitats continue to be unfavorable. Professionalism amongst staff is being sacrificed at the altar of favoritism and patronage. Corruption is running through the hierarchy and “dealings” is becoming the order of transacting business in the authority. Cry our beloved country. When will this game stop, and who will stop it.

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