Second Edition of UG Mix Maestro tour kicks off with a bang

Second Edition of UG Mix Maestro tour kicks off with a bang

The weekend wasn’t an ordinary one for Arua partiers!! Uganda Waragi threw them the biggest party yet with the UG Mix Maestro that brought along with it an all-star lineup of DJs including Ciza, MaryJo, Lola, Bexxx and Cisse who delivered nothing less of an exciting music experience in one night. Prominent at the event was DJ Titie, winner of last year’s UG Mix Maestro regional battle in Arua.

Uganda Waragi Brand Manager, Agaba Tumusiime posing with some of the DJs who will be performing during the second edition of the UG Mix Maestro

Guests were treated to an all-Uganda Waragi cocktail night laced with energetic music and lots of dance. The deejays promised a powerful performance, and deliver they did. Taking turns at the turntables, the spin masters and mistresses kept the energetic audience on their feet till dawn.

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DJ MaryJo and DJ Ripper giving a reveller a tutorial on deejaying

Arua is the first town the UG Mix Maestro’s second edition has taken the party to. When Uganda Waragi launched the tour, Brand Manager Agaba Tumusiime revealed that this year’s activities would be more engaging and fun for Uganda Waragi consumers as they would enjoy deejay tutorials conducted by Ripper Inc. 256, the founders of the first Ugandan DJ Academy.

Revelers at Heritage Courts in Arua got the chance to each enjoy a 10-minute tutorial that allowed them to try out mixing music on the decks, guided by a tutors, DJ Brown and DJ Ripper.

The campaign this year will see two lucky winners each walk away with full scholarships to the DJ Academy, fully paid by Uganda Waragi.

The UG Mix Maestro tour that is underway in Uganda for the next six weeks will be featuring bar activations and regional tours to five more towns before the grand finale.

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