Sauti Sol’s midnight train is on the rails to release ‘Insecure’

Sauti Sol’s midnight train is on the rails to release ‘Insecure’

Gearing up for their first major label release, “Midnight Train”, Sauti Sol releases their second instant gratification track from the forthcoming album out 5 June 2020.

After their infectious, singles “Suzanna”, and “Brighter Days”, Sauti Sol returns with “Insecure”. Between rhythmic guitar strums, the track oscillates between the perspectives of two lovers, each dealing with their respective insecurities. “Everyone is insecure about something in their lives” says band member Chimano. “The song encourages one to consciously attack their insecurities rather than conceal them”.

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Fusing Swahili into the melodic song’s lyrics and bridge, Sauti Sol addresses the anxieties of letting your guard down for the person you love. Rather than a dour outlook and tempo, lines like “before we crash and burn, I hope we see the light,” are celebratory of what can be achieved when two lovers are considerate of each other’s feelings about themselves. The song was inspired by general discussions that the band has in-between studio sessions and shooting. “We were just chilling and decided to share around the table what insecurities we all had’ added Polycarp Otieno, guitarist and producer in Sauti Sol.

Watch the “Insecure” video HERE

The Priorgod produced “Insecure” video was directed by Director K and was shot in a classic vinyl record store in Cape Town.  Cocooned in the space is an intimate performance addressing an onlooking love interest. Matching the theme of the track, the visuals conceptually depict a lover’s bid to access their significant other’s innermost feelings. With insecurities cleverly depicted as a spirit hauntingly hovering over a lady – the ensuing choreography is one of her dancing as a form of escape. The melodic guitar strums of “Insecure” soundtrack to this tango and help break down the walls of insecurity. In addition, lyrics like “your body is a movie, and I hope you feel the same” encapsulate the tenderness the track carries. This consideration is perfectly captured in the closing scene of the video where her friends embrace her and protect her from the menacing spirit of her insecurities.

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