Sash Hair Collection opens to business

Sash Hair Collection opens to business

Television and philanthropist Sasha Ferguson has opened a hair collection, we can confirm.

The shop ‘Sash Hair Collection’ is located in Kabalagala opposition South Point Mall shop number 10.

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sash Hair Collection Sasha Ferguson conformed the Development and revealed the shop will be officially launched colorfully very soon.

The shop opened from Monday this week.

“I’m a feminist who believes in women’s full potential to perform to their best. It has taken me some time of hard work and thinking of what best product I can add to Creamy Oil that has been on market for two good years and revamped every year for the best skin results. Thank you for the positive feedback always. As a lady of class, hair complements a lot on how you look and of course there is a percentage to it for self confidence. I decided to open up Sash Hair Collection in Kabalagala opposite South Point mall for original hair pieces, wigs, hair clips etc at the cheapest prices.I hope you will love it A breath of Fresh Hair.  Open Mon-Sat ..8am-8pm,” Sasha posted.

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