Sanyuka TV registers major wins in just-concluded Startimes Uganda Premier League season

Sanyuka TV registers major wins in just-concluded Startimes Uganda Premier League season

Sanyuka TV, Channel 222 on StarTimes and 403 on Starsat, also known as the home of sports and entertainment, registered huge wins in the just-concluded Startimes Uganda Premier League, wom by Vipers SC.

With local football growing at a tremendous speed with more and more people getting unprecedented access to watch and support their favorite teams, credit has to be given to Next Media’s Sanyuka TV, for whom the 2019/20 StarTimes Uganda Premier League was the second season they were broadcasting.

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Even with the season cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a recorded increase in the number of matches televised LIVE, as well as in the number of upcountry games broadcast.

Sanyuka TV always had pre and post-match analyses, complete with field reporters live on the ground, as well as timely updates on social media to make sure the experience of the game was well reported.

MTN Uganda later joined StarTimes as the official broadcast sponsor for the league, boosting Sanyuka TV’s efforts to bring the league to people even more, also coining a fans’ anthem that is fast becoming a popular ring to the StarTimes Uganda Premier League.

Ddiba Stats, Uganda’s hub of sports data, were also crucial to Sanyuka TV’s LIVE broadcasts, making sure the commentators, analysts and sports pundits had well-informed discussions with the right data about the games that happened. This improved the quality of analysis and sports punditry of Sanyuka’s “Endiba Yaffe” show, put in place to breakdown all action and updates StarTimes Uganda Premier League.

With the new normal upon us and many fans set to have to experience football on the TV screens rather than in stadia, Ugandans have reason to believe the only league that matters will continue to blossom.

Stay tuned to Sanyuka TV for upcoming events.

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