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Sania Sasha warns of fake Facebook Account, Phone number in her name conning people

City socialite Sania Sasha is crying foul after unknown person used her name to solicit for money from the general public.

Sania told this website that she doesn’t have any Facebook account but this person (unknown) has a fake one running.

This is the fake account that is conning people, stand warned, block it

She only has an Instagram and Snapchat accounts.

The Fake account is in the names of Sania Sash Berries and the person who runs it has been soliciting money from unsuspecting members of the public pretending to be Sania Sasha.

Sania confirmed to us that she is no longer on Facebook and warned that whoever is communicating with that person (Sania Sash Berries) is doing it at their own risk. She added the same masquerader uses (0786 792 126).

“There’s someone who is running a fake Facebook account in my user name and collects money from people, stand warned and don’t be conned,” Sania said. Don’t conned again!!!

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