Samson Kasumba “Kinyarwanda” attire on news set causes a frenzy

Samson Kasumba “Kinyarwanda” attire on news set causes a frenzy

NBS Television news anchor, Samson Kasumba, was at it yet again Monday evening when he spotted an attire popularly seen at Kinyarwanda cultural ceremonies to deliver the station’s prime news bulletin.

The news anchor, popular for other antics such as the Malwedhe Challenge, still on the NBS Live at 1, as well as wearing a turtle neck instead of the usual tie and suit on another NBS Live at 9 bulletin, posted a picture on his Twitter after the bulletin saying, “It’s Uganda at 57 and we are on a roll here. Tomorrow is also another day to plan again for the fashion trend of #MyUganda57”

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Uganda’s leading news and current affairs TV station, NBS TV, is clearly pushing the Independence agenda, with all their news anchors such as Joyce Bagala, Rukh Shana, Victoria Bagaya, Ismael Ssembatya, among others, all seen wearing traditional attires.

Last Friday, we also saw pictures online of Next Media staff members also wearing their cultural attire to work, with many seen posting in line with “My Uganda at 57.”

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