Sad story of KCCA Employee’s death as told by a friend

Sad story of KCCA Employee’s death as told by a friend

Grief hit Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) after one of their best employees breathed his last on October 1st 2017. Davids Ntege is said to have collapsed into coma last week before he was rushed to hospital.

Late David and his wife

Since his death theories regarding the cause of his death have been reported with one being that he found his wife in bar with another man when she actually told him she was abroad.

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However a close friend of the deceased has narrated the ordeal that could have led to the demise of the promising young man.

Here is the story;

“David Ntege was married with a Baby Girl. David wedded in 2015 and has been staying with his wife. David about 2 weeks ago participated in organising The East African Jamafest Festival and a few days after got into comma (note that I am not sure of the cause of this) but when we visited him in hospital, it was said some vein which takes blood to the Brain burst. All efforts to have him transferred to another hospital were declared highly dangerous since it would involve switching him off the Machines. At 1:00 am on October 1st, he breathed his last. It is so unfortunate that for some reason, someone decides to use this unfortunate incident to attract likes and comments without thinking about the effect this has on Family, the Wife and their Daughter. For some reason, I can’t understand it. Since I don’t know the motivation, I will not condemn the person who posted this. The Same way we tirelessly prayed for David, is the same way we shall pray for you. May David’s Soul Rest in Eternal Peace”

David’s wife is said to have been with him in hospital

David’s remains will be laid to rest today Tuesday 3rd October 2017 in Buyende District at 12pm.

May David’s Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

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