Sad moments as slain AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi is laid to rest

Sad moments as slain AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi is laid to rest

Slain Police Spokesperson AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi was today laid to rest at his ancestral home at Kitwekyanjovu, Kyazanga in Lwengo district.

Thousands of mourners including top government officials and from security agencies joined each other to see off the fallen Police chief to his final resting place.

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Kaweesi along with his bodyguard and driver were gunned down on Friday morning a few metres away from his home in Kulambiro as headed to Uganda Christian University (UCU) for a career talk to the University’s finalists.

Lwengo residents were left in tears as the man who had constructed a 10Km road, built a secondary school, brought electricity to the area, built boreholes for people, established a farm employing locals, helped in building churches was brutally murdered in cold blood.

Speakers at the burial ceremony called on government to immediately hunt for the killers and apprehend them. Reports say a number of suspects have been arrested though Police has not yet confirmed the news.

Very Sad: Kaweesi’s young son Aaron searches for his dad under his coffin claiming that his dad was hiding in the box

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