Rwanda’s diva Jody Phibi talks about music and love life

Jody Phibi is Rwandese female artist, musician, singer, songwriter and performer. She was born in Uganda but raised in Rwanda. She is also in the final year of her university studies. Jodi is in Kampala to perform at the first ever Rwanda/Burundi night. Showbiz Uganda (SB) chatted with her about her career and love life. Read on….


SB: Tell us about your music?
Jody Phibi: My music is basically about art, social/daily life, fun and inspiration. I sing to change lives of those who love my music.

SB: When did you join music industry?
Jody Phibi: I joined officially 2012 but I always had passion for music so I would regularly sing on my own or school choirs.

SB: This Friday you are set to perform at Rwanda/ Burundi night. What should your fans expect?
Jody Phibi: A lot of lively live music and surprises.

SB: What do you have in store for your fans this year?
Jody Phibi: Lots of work and better music than before and more of Jody.


SB: What do you think of Rwanda and Uganda music industries?
Jody Phibi: Uganda is more exposed I would say, but also talented while Rwanda has mob talent though just needs more exposure.

SB: How many albums have you so far released?
Jody Phibi: No album yet but planning to start working on one this year. So far been working on only solos

SB: Who inspired you into music?
Jody Phibi: My luv n passion for music

SB: Away from music, tell us about your love life?
Jody Phibi: Love life!!! i am busy building my career/music, next thing will be invitations.


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