Robert Nsibirwa eats big in marketing

Robert Nsibirwa eats big in marketing

Robert Nsibirwa is these days walking with a marked swag having opened up a Concept Development and Marketing Consultancy firm, Red Circle Limited.

The 29-year-old, who by many people’s standards achieved tremendous success during his six year tenure at Uganda’s oldest brewery, now takes on the mantle of CEO at Red Circle Limited.

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Robert Nsibirwa

The new company will look to invest in innovation, market research and help companies to position themselves in the volatile markets they operate in. The company intends to build up marketing plans and blueprints for SMEs as well as concept development.

The highly motivated Nsibirwa is remembered for handling both new and world brands like the hugely successful Ngule Lager that was introduced in partnership with the Buganda Kingdom. He also headed the team that saw the conception and launch of the new Black Bell.

He boasts a wealth of experience having worked as a Bell lager brand manager, where he led the successful Ne-Yo concert after the successful Pop N’ Jam campaign. He was also the Guinness Brand Manager during his six-year stint at the Luzira based brewery.

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