Rising star Gabiro MTU Necessary releases Isabella audio & visuals

Rising star Gabiro MTU Necessary releases Isabella audio & visuals

Nairobi, Kenya; Fast rising Kenyan star Gabiro Mtu Necessary has dropped his latest single titled  Isabella. The single has been produced by Chuma sound for Jodifa Enterprises  and is available on Spotify, Boomplay and Audio mack.

Watch Isabella : https://youtu.be/yig5w7N53bY

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Over this soundtrack, Mtu Necessary reflects on his village love interest Isabella who gets an opportunity to go and work in the city. Shot in the lakeside city of Kisumu Isabella gives us a clear picture of  how our ambitions can hinder us from loving the ones we choose.

 “Isabella naogopa unasepa, Isabella ya kwetu kumbuka?” he croons. “Isabella, ningekuwa na pesa ningekupa Duka Ju unaenda njoo tuseti moja uketi chini ukivuta Oh mama kabla ukwende nipe busu nitakumbuka,Nipe tena, nikilala usingizi usiku naota,I’m stricken I can’t deny Ukarimu wako ndo unakupa sifa

And am stuck here for life, I can’t move you are my ride or die.”

The rising artiste is currently in the studio  working on some new music and will release another single featuring Owuor Arunga, Blakangel and an album to boot in November.

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