Renovation of Old Taxi park kicks off

Renovation of Old Taxi park kicks off

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) intends to rehabilitate the transport terminal known as Old Taxi Park and has contracted companies (Stirling Civil Engineering Ltd and Kiru General Services Ltd) to commence the works.

The scope of work will include excavation and disposal of existing material, installation of underground drainage lines, rock fill, construction of new foundation layers for the carpet and surfacing of the constructed layers with asphalt concrete (tarmac).

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The new carpet will have markings to delineate areas for parking and for taxi and pedestrians movements. The boundaries of the park will be retained properly to prevent mud from washing onto the carpet as has been the case. There will be lighting and some waiting sheds for passengers. The park will have designated entry and exit points for both vehicles and passengers and will have access control for vehicles to avoid queuing on the surrounding roads and congestion within the park.

The park will also have sanitary facilities such as toilets, an administration block and a Police Post.

The work commenced on 9th May 2020 and is expected to last for three months.

Given that the park is used by 200,000 people daily. It is important that the facility is improved.

Incase the lockdown ends before the facility is complete, KCCA shall provide alternative parking areas for the taxis as was with the construction of the new Taxi Park.

KCCA appeals to the general public to bear with them for the short lived inconvenience the works may cause.

“Rehabilitation of the Old Taxi Park to commence on 9th May 2020,the work is expected to last for three (3) months,” KCCA tweeted.

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