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Remarks by Frank K Tumwebaze, Chairman organising committee for the consecration of 2nd Bishop for East Rwenzori on 7th January 2018

Greetings and Happy new year to you all fellow Christians of East Rwenzori Diocese and our good friends from outside the diocese. On behalf of the Bishop’s elect Consecration organising committee, my family and on my own behalf, I take the opportunity to Congratulate Rev Can George Turyasingura and his dear wife for having been found eligible by the house of Bishops and chosen as the 2nd Bishop of East Rwenzori.

In the same spirit, I congratulate our outgoing Bishop, My lord RT Rev Bishop Edward Bamucwanira for not only being a good leader but also for having pioneered our diocese. Always pioneers face a lot of challenges and it’s the foundation that they put up that others build on. As Christians of East Rwenzori, we thank Bishop Edward Bamucwanira immensely for his foundational struggle to not only build a new diocese but also start other church projects like Bishop Balya girls school, which he pioneered and is now very progressive. He has truly lived up to Matthew 7:16-20. I pray for him and his dear family mighty blessings in his retirement.

To my fellow organising committee members thank you for the great mobilisation of all the resources we required. I thank and acknowledge all our friends from near and far that contributed money and other resources to make this ceremony a success. When we are fundraising for these ceremonies and we get so many friends to surprise us with their great generosity, we should never take them for granted. It should only teach us that friends truly matter most than perhaps our personal riches as- individuals. “Embu y’okusiiba ohingyire, Osiba orikunywana”, as our Banyankole/Bakiga ancestors said. I also thank fellow members of Parliament from the district and other comrades in Kampala for the support and cooperation in preparing for this function.

As a diocese, as a district and as a community, we move higher if we continue united. My prayer and appeal to all Christians of East Rwenzori Diocese and leaders of Kamwenge is that, let’s remain united and focused on the needs of our people. The journey Our District has taken since the year 2000 is commendable but yet again we need to move higher. I pledge my commitment to this cause of a united team for a better District and a better Diocese. Might blessings to you all and Happy 2018.

Frank k. Tumwebaze,MP

Minister of ICT & National Guidance

Chairperson Organising Committee

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