Radio & Weasel’s Winter Fest brings London down

Radio & Weasel’s Winter Fest brings London down

The Winter Fest featuring Radio and Weasel sold out on Saturday, we can confirm. The fest organized by Romiam Entertainment PR and Management was massive.

The concert sold out will full house at Epic Dalston 13 – 15 Stoke Newington Road London N16 8BH. Singers Ang3lina, Kiyaaye Life Crew Illamadi and others also performed on the night.

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Mrz Biggz of Romiam Entertainment PR and Management applauded everyone who attended and also those who were involved in the organization. Below is her statement which posted don her social media walls;

“On Behalf Of Romiam Ents Pr & Management And Team I Would Like To Say A Big Thank You To Each And Everyone For The Love And Support Last Night At The SOLD OUT Radio & Weasel Winter Fest UK Concert.

Thank You For Loving Our Golden Boys.. A Massive Thank You To Our UG-UK Cream Dela Cream Artists For Shutting It Down Kiyaaye Life Crew(Biggz Holiday & Rasta Soke) Ang3lina That Girl From Uganda :: Angel Sbl Motoka Ms. Nyash With Makelele :: iLLAMADi Twins (Paul Illamadi & Illamadi Peter) :: Clinton Elvis.

Thank You To The Brilliant Team That Made It All Happen… DJs Shady Shahid And Team (The Sound Was Just Perfect) Plus DJ Zj Nash:: The Brilliant Host Of The Evening Nancy Mugga :: Stage Manager Abaana Boogere :: Marketeer Jaffar Jeff :: Davis Kigozi & Shakira Shakira Bossir Habinshuti Mervyn The Main Man Ron Biggz (Through It All We Made It Happen Proud Is An understatement ??) :: All The Ladies And Gentlemen Who Went Above And beyond To Make The Event A Success, We Thank You All.

Mrz Biggz

Thank You To Our Main Sponsors Of The Event Jose Jobs Link And Miss Pride Of Africa UK

We Do Apologise For Anything That May Not Have Gone According To Your Expectations And Apologies To Those Who Couldn’t Get In Due To Over capacity Till Next Time,” Mrz Biggz posted on her wall.

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