Quick Talk with Zani Lady C, Ugandan singer based in Diaspora

Quick Talk with Zani Lady C, Ugandan singer based in Diaspora

Zani Lady C, a Ugandan artiste based in the diaspora

Zani Lady C, a Ugandan artiste based in the diaspora has been lost from the media since 2014 when she released her hit song titled ‘Ndoowa’ about 10 years ago. Four years ago, she released another song titled ‘Goolo Goolo’ and since then, she has not released any music. We caught up with her for a short interview and she revealed her plans in Entertainment Industry.

Showbiz: Ugandans know you only when someone mentions to Ndoowa, what’s new?

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Zani Lady C: I last released a song titled ‘Goolo Goolo’ and even though I am in studio doing music, my focus has been on the movie industry because in Los Angeles California where I am based, I managed to tap into Hollywood.

Showbiz: You have been in the US for a while, did you go to do music or you found yourself doing music?

Zani Lady C: I had always been doing music on and off even before I relocated. I moved to Los Angeles California just for a change in live.

Showbiz: Then here comes acting, how did you tap into their movie industry? ‘

Zani Lady C: I always had both singing and acting skills since childhood. To me, when the situation changes, am quick to switch to my other talent accordingly. I sometimes have friends who ask me the same question, that how did I manage to get into acting allover a sudden.

Showbiz: Music and Acting what is the main focus now?

Zani Lady C: I have always been an actress before I even started singing. I was acting in plays during school years then switched to music and now am back in acting and taking it serious this time in Hollywood

Showbiz: It’s been long while away, you have any plans of coming to Uganda or do you even ever come and go back?

Zani Lady C: Yes I do come back and hopping to come through soon.

Showbiz: How has it been doing music in the diaspora?

Zani Lady C: Doing music is ok, but can be a challenge if you only target the Ugandan market, therefore I took a break just to make some adjustments in the style of music I want to deliver.

Showbiz: Is your audience only for the Diaspora or do you plan to push it to Ugandans, if yes how?

Zani Lady C: My audience is in all over different parts of the world, though I haven’t released a record in 4 to 5 years. I am currently getting my acting career on.


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