Promoter Lovely Norah speaks out about her entertainment career

Promoter Lovely Norah speaks out about her entertainment career

 Lovely Norah is a Massachusetts US based Ugandan events promoter/manager who loves what she does. She operates under her label Lovely Entertainment. She spoke to Showbiz Uganda (SB) about her career and what are her future plans. Read on…

SB: Who is Lovely Norah?

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Lovely Norah: Norah aka “Lovely” is the brand name for everything Lovely a self made business that incorporates her love of entertainment, Fashion, and African pride. The brand Lovely deals with the development promotion and advancement of Afro-centricEntertainment. Norah is an events promoter who works with entertainers in different fields.

SB: How do you find it working with musician?

Lovely Norah: I find that some of the musicians I have worked with see themselves larger than the stage set for them.  Especially when invited to the US to tour.  Most will never see the likes of the US because of that problem. I think our artist should be more humble when it comes to touring and the managers should give them the free range to do so.

SB: What challenges have you faced so far in the game? 

Lovely Norah: Well, there is a lot of corruption in this business whether it be your friends, other promoters, even businesses.  You have to be on your game from all aspects and ready to challenge anyone with your knowledge.  Never take anyone’s word as Gold, go and seek answers for yourself from those you trust.

SB: What is your say about the competition in the promotion industry?

Lovely Norah: When it comes to promotions, “You’re only as good as what you can present” meaning if you are still nickel and diming your way with mediocre entertainment you will never get a chance to test the waters of the very best in the game.  Each level I achieve is a challenge to me and the challenge is what drives me to be better. I appreciate having the big dogs out there to look up too.  They will ultimately make me who I will become in the future.

SB: How do you find it taking Ugandan artist abroad?

 Lovely Norah: Well in some countries it can be beneficial but what I’ve notice bringing them to the US is a challenge and quite a huge risk considering the prices they expect to perform.  To do a show after flying an artist here, room and board, most artist want triple what we’d pay them if they were in Uganda.  I think those that have never been here look at the US as the big Pay Day when actually it’s not.  And it doesn’t help when third party promoters act as management to hike up the price.  Our artists need to get smarter with the business aspects of this tour business. It’s good to have a manager but they should always stay abreast of negotiations when it comes to the business.  I’ve seen a lot of artist miss out on opportunities due to some other persons selfishness and greed.

SB: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

 Lovely Norah: Of course I would love to see Brand “Lovely” strive and continue with our Ugandan entertainment, but as an entrepreneur you have to go where the business takes you.  I am not limited on how

I gain my success and I surely would love for it to happen with my own people, but if that can’t happen I am fully committed to being one of the biggest international entertainment entities doing what I love all over the world.

 SB: What is your message to those who may want to join events promotions industry?

 Lovely Norah: I say to anyone who is thinking of pursuing work in this industry, “It is a tough market”, “You have to have a stomach for this type of work” and most importantly “You have to have a love for doing it”.

SB: What message do you have for your followers?

 Lovely Norah: To my followers I thank you for all the support you continue to give me.  Please stay on this ride with me and enjoy all the payouts I plan to give back to you for being loyal and supportive.

A past event organised by Norah Lovely in the US

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