Profiling Germany based Ugandan singer INK

INK (Irene Nabbosa Kroger), is a Muganda Ugandan German based music artist, born Irene Nabbosa to late Captain Michael Kalyesubula and Ms Hadijah Namale.Ink

She grew up with her grandmother who she says went through hell to raise her single handedly and she is the reason she is what she is today. She is married to Mr. Joe Kroger with 5 kids all living in German.11001_636327759822629_1491218120745957490_nINK started singing way back as a little girl in school but started doing music professionally in 2008 is her single ‘Gwenjagala’.1920585_625774960877909_1623708231054683178_nSince then she has recorded over 20 songs like Jangu anange, Coco party, Babigambo, Jjaja, Webala, Vampire, Driver, Bakwase Katonda and others including her hits that have received massive air play Aliba ani, Winter and now Ettaffali an Afro beat song that encourages all people to work hard and not to let be consumed by poverty. The song has made her more known to the public and many of her fans have considered it as one of her best works.1939912_622331547888917_1480275999739339364_n

INK says she is diverse in her music and does any music genre that she feels comfortable with at a particular time though she locally looks up to Madoxx Sematimba Semanda and Alicia Keys internationally.10690185_647741345347937_326234690598515291_nThe singer says she drives music inspiration from what goes on in people’s lives every day. She records her music in Sikia Studios owned by Silver Kyagulanyi and she has worked with different producers including Josh, Silver to mention but a few. She has also worked with different writers for her songs, including Ray Signature, Jami Culture and others. INK has performed in different countries especially in Europe; including Germany, USA, UK, Sweden, Denmark.10414839_641026462686092_2319011310444131666_nThe singer also helps Orphans and the needy, she has no specific Organisation yet but takes basic needs like clothes, food and pays fees for the less disadvantaged people deep down in villages in different parts of Uganda and also helps other organisations that help the needy with finances and other material stuff. Ink is also into Movie production.

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