Prof Mushemeza lays out plan for Sheema South as he vies for the MP seat

Professor Elijah Mushemeza has said his interest now is to represent Sheema South Constituency people in the 11th Parliament.

The professor has laid out his method of work and is as follows: execute the roles of an MP in accordance with constitution of Uganda.

In terms of development agenda in the constituency, each Parish/ Ward will identify its priorities (at least four) but including household income generation.

Then together we shall determine the leading implementer/Leadership to follow up/ lobby (MP, Councillor, Chairpersons at various levels, LCIII, LCV governments, Central Government, the community).

“We will have a constituency work plan per year endorsed by stakeholders consistent with the National Development Plan, Local Governments plans and the priorities of the people in the parishes/ Wards,” Mushemeza said.

He said each year, they shall evaluate their performance. Analyse challenges and how to respond to them.

“This way we shall have a participatory approach to development. Service delivery will be balanced in the parishes. The tendency by individual leaders to claim as the only sources of development projects and voters should “beg them” will be history. We shall all be winners in development(achieving a better quality of life),” he said.

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