Producer Rako Gynius to release new music !

Producer Rako Gynius to release new music !

Music Producer and artist Rako Gynius is set to release an EP titled Complete, in which he sings, produces and masters the songs! Truly, this one is a Gynius! The EP consists of songs like complete, bad manners, call me featuring producer and singer Junior Gentle, Watto, and Anepeena.

Producer Wrakle, aka Rako Gynius, was born Kayiira Sudayisi and started his career way back in 2014 at Sous Studioz, where he did his first project dubbed ‘Gimme Day’ with Ragga Dee.

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Wrakle later joined Avie Records as a co-producer and he worked closely with Dr. Fizol who amplified his production skills on ‘Ndiwamululu’ project by Geosteady. Ndiwamululu was a banger that opened Wrakle’s doors to work closely on ‘Mbega Wa Baala’, a song that started off Fik Fameica’s career and as well, Buggie Empire’s ‘Business’ by Khalifa Aganaga.

Through 2017, Wrakle joined and worked with Boombark Records who handled most of his musical pieces till 2020 when he joined Black Market Records. Wrakle is also behind hits like ‘Fight for It’s by Nina Roz, ‘Nduulu’ by Victor Kamenyo, Big Daddy by Dangello Busuulwa, True Lady by Yiya Moze, among others. Complete is his first EP as producer and artist.

“…What really inspired me to become a producer is that I wanted to be making beats for myself since I started as an artist and the producers disturbed me so much. So I started and I have been in production all this, but also planning my way to start singing,” Wrakle said.

Find Wrakle on facebook @Wrakle Producer and on Instagram as Rako Gynius.

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