Priscilla Ray Starts Own Diapers

Former Uganda super model Priscilla Ray has fallen into things according to information reaching us. The former model has started her own brand of diapers commonly known as pampers. The diapers called wellness are already in supply on local market with the sexy babe herself doing the job.Wellness are the diapers designed by Priscilla Ray. They are already on the market locally

Wellness are the diapers designed by Priscilla Ray. They are already on the market locally

She told Showbiz Uganda that many people expected her to start a boutique which is a norm by Ugandan female celebrities. “You expected me to start a boutique like the rest, no I always do a different thing and that’s why I opted for something that no one is doing locally,” she said. She even updated on her Facebook page how the supply is proceeding:
Priscilla F Ray; Wellness diapers now at Checkers supermarket Kisementi, City Joy supermarket (Mbuya) and Fresh Mart (Mutungo)…..coming to Game in a few days.Priscilla Ray having fun, she is becoming a big businesswoman

Priscilla Ray having fun, she is becoming a big businesswoman

Why Priscilla Opted For Diapers’ Business?

The wellness diapers/pull-ups are a new baby diaper brand on the market designed/made by Priscilla Ray. I was inspired by a friend’s baby. My friend had a baby and was always complaining about all the diaper brands, if they weren’t leaking then they were so insensitive to the baby’s skin. Then I got an idea, why not design a diaper that was sort of perfect, something that eliminated all the problems that the other diapers had. I was sure if my friend had this problem then other mothers were facing the same. Besides I thought it was a great way of giving back to the community that has always supported me.Service Van supplying wellness diapers

Service Van supplying wellness diapers

We embarked on research as soon as I came up with the idea. We talked to retailers (to get what response they got from their clients) and individuals asked if they were satisfied with the brands they were using/selling and if they weren’t satisfied, what they wanted improved. We did a lot of research and planning and finally when I was ready I started designing the packages and travelling to inspect factories to see the one most suitable to produce the Wellness brand. I made sure I was present during the production process to ensure everything was made to my standard.

The wellness diapers have a higher absorbency capacity; they absorb fluids faster than some other brands that are made of fluff pulp. They have a wetness indicator which reminds the mother to change the diaper. They have a breathable ultra-thin back sheet which is recommended for warm and higher temperature areas/tropical areas. They have Double leak guards which Prevent leakage more effectively. They have a non woven top sheet through which air passes to ensure baby’ sensitive skin is aerated leaving it soft and smooth.Priscilla Ray is slowly become a real entrepreneur lady

Priscilla Ray is slowly become a real entrepreneur lady

My long term goal is to make wellness a household brand not only in Uganda but Africa. I’m planning to make a whole range of baby and mother products but i’m not limited to that, i have many ideas floating in my head.., I’m planning to make new products and to improve on some that already exist in the market. Since we hit the market two weeks ago we have had a very positive response. We are now in talks with the major supermarkets; our product should be there soon. Also many retailers and whole sellers all over the city and outskirts have already stocked the wellness diapers.


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