Prince Ehmah Changes To ‘NAPOLEONE’, Quits WAVAH FM

Prince Ehmah Changes To ‘NAPOLEONE’, Quits WAVAH FM

The pencil-thin funny man from Soroti informed a few friends that he will soon get rid of the name ‘Prince Ehmah’ and use ‘Napoleone’ as his stage name. In a chat with a friend he explained that he feels ‘Napoleone’ is easy to sell as a brand compared to ‘Prince Ehmah’, and that he wants to use the name of his greatest icon and source of inspiration. He already instructed the NTV Mic Check editor to include the name Napoleone when editing the show.

Prince Napoleon
In another development, the dark-skinned fella has also quit the Naguru based WAVAH FM over unclear reasons.

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An insider at WBS House however thinks it is money. He explained, “What I know is, MC Kats was offered 500,000/= a month and he just quit…when Ehmah (call him Napoleone now) was offered the same I remember him saying ‘they can use it to buy tomatoes and onions for their kitchen department’.. John Kiiza, the station MD said, “Ehmah is a great talent.

When I heard him on radio once, I knew he was the man. I told him we were not paying right away, being a new station, and he showed that he understood and was willing to work.

Then one day he didn’t show up, didn’t pick calls, didn’t reply texts. He showed up at the station after two weeks to pick his jacket he had left in the studio” Ehmah who preferred to keep this silent, later opened up and said, “I came to Kampala to work, not to do charity.”

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