President M7 to address the nation on COVID-19 lockdown tonight as Uganda registers 21 new cases of the deadly disease

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will tonight address the nation regarding COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.
The president’s acdress slated to take place tonight at 8pm after earlier announced of pushing it to tomorrow wasiwas withdrawn.
 The 14-day lockdown extension is supposed to end tomorrow so the head of state will announce the next step tonight.
“Tonight at 8pm, I will deliver my 14th address on the Covid-19 pandemic. I urge Ugandans to continue observing all guidelines given to you by the government and health experts. Importantly, make sure you wear a face mask whenever you are out in the public,” President M7 said.

President’s private press secretary Don Wanyama announced after wide consultation, it has been agreed that the 14th Presidential Address on Covid-19 is reinstated to tonight (Monday) 8pm.

“Please disregard the earlier notices. We deeply regret all the inconveniences caused. Catch the address on all radios and TVs. Thank you,” Don Wanyama added.

The President is expected to ease some measures on the lockdown despite increasing number of cases. The country hasn’t registered a new community case for the last 14 days and most of cases are from Truck Drivers. However the president yesterday directed that all truck drivers must first receive their results before proceeding with their respective journeys.
Meanwhile The Ministry of Health has confirmed 21 new cases from 1,071 samples from various Points of Entry. All cases are Ugandan nationals from Elegu, Mutukula and Malaba points. All 253 community samples are negative for COVID-19. The COVID-19 confirmed cases are now 248.

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