President M7 finally ‘endorses walk to work’ as he suspends public transport over COVID-19 Pandemic

President M7 finally ‘endorses walk to work’ as he suspends public transport over COVID-19 Pandemic

H.E the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni today evening made 5th on COVID-19 global pandemic and laid out additional measures as Uganda registered 5 new cases today making a total of 14.

To minimise movement and the virus from spreading, H.E M7 announced suspension of public transport for 14 days meaning people who don’t have private cars will walk to work.

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All public transport including taxis, coasters, all buses, all passenger trains, Tuk-tuks and all motorcycles will not be allowed to operate for the next 14 days.

Only private cars will be allowed to move and should carry no more than 3 people.

Lorries, delivery Van’s, pick ups and trucks delivering cargo, food and other essential foods are exempted from the prohibition above. They should NOT carry passengers.
Boda bodas and tuktuks can be used to transport food.

Ambulances and other instititional- government vehicles doing essential work, vehicles for sanitary services e.g KCCA kasasiro cars are also exempted

Markets bring together many people. Thanks to them for efforts made. However in markets social distancing of 4 metres is impossible to achieve. Hence markets will only sell food stuffs ie matooke, sweet potatoes, cassava, rice, beans etc.

Trading of non food items eg clothes, mobile phones, shoes, sandals etc is henceforth suspended.

Government Offices; each ministry, department and agency to work out a plan of essential staff that should remain on duty.

This applies to the District offices as well. They can identify boda bodas who can deliver food and essential items so as to reduce contact. Re orient the way we do business without exposure.

In Kampala companies will be licensed to do the delivery business of boda delivery.

Directs that all Government cars excluding police and army should be deployed at the District headquarters under the command of the District health officer for purposes of responding to corona related cases.

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