Politics: NRM Sweeps Elections In Seven New Districts

Politics: NRM Sweeps Elections In Seven New Districts

The mighty National Resistance Movement (NRM) has swept Local Council 5 elections in seven newly created districts.

According to the results announced by the Electoral Commission (E.C), Mr. Okello Samuel was elected unopposed in Kalaki; Mr. Genesis Dria Acema was elected in Madi Okollo after Mr. Candia, an independent, stepped down in his favor; Ms. Kareo Lily Duku was also unopposed in Obongi, the same for Mr. Mugabe Robert in Kitagwenda. Then in Karenga district, Mr.Lochaale Felix Mark won.

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In Kikuube district (carved off from Hoima), Vincent Opio Alpher (councilor Kabwoya) contested with Mr. Kazini Francis and won after Mr. Bigabwenkya Tom Muhe stepped down.

In Kazo, Mr. Ntegyereize Jackson carried the day. NRM also won in Rwampara. Both districts were carved off from Greater Mbarara.

The elections were conducted under Electoral College basis (where councilors were the electors) but they set a firm foundation for NRM to carry on when the universal adult suffrage is called.

The sweeping victories are a vote of confidence in the party National Chairman, President Yoweri Museveni, who has been conducting a countrywide tour on “wealth creation”. That they were 7 in number adds a shine!

Focus is now on Rwampara and Bugweri.

Congratulations to the NRM fraternity and all Ugandans on the mutual trust!

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