Police Can Arrest Any Leader Irrespective Of Their Status – Frank Tumwebaze

By Vanessa Babirye 

The Minister in charge of the Presidency and Kampala Capital City Authority Frank Tumwebaze has said Police can arrest anyone irrespective of their status if they try to hold illegal political rally.Frank Tumwebaze said can arrest any leader Frank Tumwebaze said Police can arrest any leader

This is what he said after the arrests of Amama Mbabazi and Kizza Besigye today morning.

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Frank K Tumwebaze, “Irrespective of who we are or how big our egos are; the police will do its job of regulating political and social gatherings in the interest of the public.

Any leader worth his respect should not defy the police orders because they are lawful. If one is not satisfied with police action, he or she can challenge it but to choose defiance is unwise and not sustainable.

That will leave the police with no option but to enforce the law. It’s also common knowledge that Mbabazi just like Besigye is deliberately looking for scenes with police such that he can become a “hero” or “martyr” of sorts and therefore brighten up his political star in the media and general public. That scheme of his notwithstanding, the police will do its work,”.

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