Police arrest three for conspiring to con new ‘money lord’ in town Bryan White

Police arrest three for conspiring to con new ‘money lord’ in town Bryan White

Police at Katwe Police Station are holding three guys in connection with conspiring to con new money lord in town Bryan White by calling themselves brothers of the new don in town. The three are accused approaching The Kampala Sun, a local tabloid and have a false story tarnishing Bryan’s reputation and image published.

Bryan White displaying the tarnishing story that was published by the Kampala Sun given to them by three suspects

The three suspects are; Kimbugwe Henry, Kirubira Ashraf and their leader Mujib Luswata a Prime suspect.

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The three are being held at Katwe Police Station under Police case number 53/10/10/2017 for conspiring to con Shs 300m from Bryan White.

Bryan White explaining to Police after the arrest of suspect

In the story ran in The Kampala Sun last week as confessed by one of three suspects who claimed to Bryan’s brother, He accused White of abandoning his mother who they say was sick and dying of poverty. They also accused Bryan White of abandoning members of his family and yet he goes around town splashing cash.

Prime suspect Mujib after his arrest yesterday

The story also claimed that he sold off family property. After the false story was published last week, Bryan White informed the police of people tarnishing his name and claiming to be his relatives yet he doesn’t know any of them.

Ring leader; Mujib Luswata (R) being led to the prison

Police swung into action and arrested one guy who on Tuesday confessed to have forged the story because they wanted UGX 300m from the new moneybag in town.

Two others were arrested yesterday from Makindye with ring leader Mujib behind the plot to extort money from the young tycoon whose aim is to empower youth financially.

At Katwe Police station, Bryan told journalists that he doesn’t know any of three people warning the youth against extorting money instead of seeking for advice on how to make it.

“Three people moved around media houses in town claiming to be my relatives yet i don’t know any of them. They went to Spark TV, Bukedde TV but they were told to talk to me which they objected but when they approached The Kampala Sun, it picked up the story and published it without even contacting me. This is tarnishing my name for no reasons. These guys are claiming that my mum is dying of poverty as well as most of my family members yet my mum died in 2007 so how she be dying of poverty. None of family members is dying of poverty. I would like to advise the youth instead of trying to tarnish my name they should instead come to me and ask for advice on how i made the money or on how to make it,” Bryan said.

Police has pressed charge of conspiracy on three suspects who confessed to have forged the story because they wanted money.

On his Youth Empowerment, Bryan said, “We have the order we follow to give money to the youth. We are setting up offices in Rubaga to handle the Youth Empowerment. The office will open very soon and that’s where we will be giving out help from. No one should try to con you using my name. Be warned,” he added.

He warned the Youth against extorting money saying it won’t make them rich. He instead advised the youth to seek advice from people like him on how to make money or on how to be helped.

“If these guys had approached me in a good manner, I am sure I would have given them something to start with but see where they are now,” he added.

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