PLE Pupils From Ntoroko District To Stay An Extra Day In Temporary Sites Due To Floods

The 443 Primary Seven pupils displaced by the floods in Ntoroko district, might stay an extra day in the three designated centres as the district authorities establish the extent of damage to their homes.

If the teams discover that the homes of these children are flooded and inhabitable, then they will be kept at Kibuku, Kamuhigi and Butungama Primary Schools for 1-2 days. UNICEF has prepositioned food (rice, beans, posho and water) and other essential items that would still be utilised for the extra days.Floods in Ntoroko have been made it hard for PLE pupils in their exam periodFloods in Ntoroko have been made it hard for PLE pupils in their exam period

If the communities are found to be less affected, the pupils will then be transported on Wednesday by the district vehicles with facilitation from UNICEF. The children will be transported to specific collection points, close to their homes.

The Ntoroko district authorities undertook a detailed assessment of the extent of damage within the communities including homes of affected children. The detailed report will be produced and will guide the government and partners like UNICEF on the priority areas of intervention for the affected populations including but not limited to health, hygiene and sanitation, education, and protection.

In the meantime, UNICEF plans to preposition emergency medical supplies including water purification tablets to health centers within the affected areas. This will enable the district respond to/prevent the outbreak of water and sanitation related diseases that are common during floods.

“I have never heard people from Ntoroko show this degree of appreciation for an intervention, but to hear residents call on radio stations to thank UNICEF for caring for its children, surely you have done great work,” mentioned one of the district representatives.

UNICEF pledges to continue working closely with the district leadership, the Office of the Prime Minister and other UN agencies to ensure affected communities, even those in the furthest areas, have access to basic services amidst the situation at hand.

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