Pictorial: UTB launches Golf Tours

Pictorial: UTB launches Golf Tours

By 5:00pm, the Lake Victoria Serena Golf Course was teeming with Golfers. They were busy, battling, strutting about the turfwearing not just their colorful shorts and Polo T-Shirts, but also the look of strife.

It wasn’t going to be easy on anyone. At the end of the day, Charles Odere (in men) and Lilian Koowe (in women) were the overall winners in the three groups (A,b and C.)

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The highly contested Golf Match was at the official launch of UTB’s 2019 Golf Tourism project yesterday at the Lake Victoria Serena Hotel.

Claire Mugabi, Head of Marketing UTB, while speaking to the golfers at a dinner held after the golf match, explained that the Uganda Tourism Board has partnered with the Uganda Golf Union as their latest bid to promote golf tourism in Uganda.

“There are over 1,000 players attached to the different golf clubs in the country. But there are also people coming in from different parts of the world to take part in the Uganda Open Golf Championship . And when you think about it, the presence of these people in the different regions were these matches are going to be held creates a tourism value chain. All of the places were the Golf tours will take place have tourism destinations, that both the local and foreign players will be encouraged to visit. It is revenue for hotels and lodges, restaurants, transport bodies, game parks et al,” explained Claire Mugabi.

Claire explained that their partnership with the Uganda Golf Union will see the Uganda Open Golf Championship promote Uganda as Africa’s premier golf tourism destination.

The Golf tours resume next week at Mbale Sports Ground.

Uganda Golf Tour Calendars 2019

April 6th Mbale Sports Club

April 27th; Tooro Club

May 4th Namulonge Golf Course

May 18th Mehta Club

June 15th

July 20th

Mbarara Sports Club

August 10th Entebbe

August 17th Entebbe Golf Club

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