Pictorial: UG Pineapple cruises into the sunset on Independence Day

Pictorial: UG Pineapple cruises into the sunset on Independence Day

Independence Day was the perfect day to relax and appreciate the beauty that Uganda is and also marvel at the investments of the rich and famous along the shores of Lake Victoria. What better way to do this than a boat cruise round the scenic beauty that is our country Uganda as you take in the cool breeze.

As some Ugandans gathered in Kyotera to mark Uganda’s 57th Independence Day, Uganda Waragi Pineapple treated its customers to an Independence Day boat cruise on Lake Victoria. Borrowing from its descriptor of a relaxed, chill and catch up over a bottle of UG Pineapple.

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Uganda Waragi Pineapple is a new variant of your favorite spirit, Uganda Waragi. It was introduced in July and now joins the family of Uganda Waragi original and Uganda Waragi Coconut. It is a delicious combination of Uganda Waragi infused with freshly ripened Uganda pineapples.

The EarthWise boat, docked at Port Bell pier, was dapped in sunflower, pineapples and sunny colours ready for the cruise by midday. A mixologist stood at the foot of the boat to welcome the cruisers with a host of free-flowing cocktails.

It was a beautiful sunny day that would turn into a beautiful Pineapple evening. But not everyone was prepared for the ride, some first time cruisers were treated to a rude awakening when they learnt that the fun on the cruise also comes with a bit of bounce served by the strong water waves on the lake.

As we set off, the water glistened silver from the afternoon sun, while the water bounced with low tides. From the onset, the day was set out to be a relaxed, chill and hangout affair over a cocktail or bottle of Uganda Waragi Pineapple.

With great hits from Simples Entertainment, the cruise set off at 2pm and took us down to Ggaba. To the left, the all year round lash green islands reminded us that Uganda is a natural beauty.  An assortment of bird species left their sanctuaries in the thick tropical forests and lined the skyline to give the cruisers something to marvel at.

To the right, the beachfront is lined with some of the most exotic mansions to match the affluent housing served by the rich and famous in Uganda’s upscale residential areas. Murmurs of Pastor Robert Kayanja, Salim Saleh, Gordon Wavamuno and even Sylvia Owori made the rounds.

It threatened to rain for a moment but revellers were unmoved, choosing to remain on the sundecks while others were huddled inside catching up with old friends.  But just like the promise of Noah’s day, it did not rain. And so we sailed on further to Munyonyo. The smiling faces of fishermen from all sides, families catching the Independence Day mood at Speke Resort Munyonyo’s gardens all made our trip worthwhile. Occasionally speedboats zoomed past and created fanfare, and a bit of envy for many a cruiser who is fascinated by speed.

By the time we returned to the pier, the now beautiful orange sun was disappearing into the lake as the reality of the hustle and bustle of busy Kampala life stared us in the face. It was a relaxed day well spent forgetting the hustles of life, even just for a moment.

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